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GC: Headshots #5 by NobodysWanderingSoul GC: Headshots #5 by NobodysWanderingSoul
Gaia Headshot Commission Page #5!!! Two of these were actually given to people who had donated to me, but I hadn't gotten anymore other than them, so I'm treating them like normal commissions.

GC: Periwinkle Dreams
TT.TT I do hope I did justice. She had such a mature-looking character; I guess my strengths are cute. But either way, I do believe she turned out very well!

GC: Goddess of Dark Dreamers for her boyfriend. "To Sato, with love from Dreamer."
After looking at the avatar for quite a few hours, I came to the conclusion that it is both really good, and really scary. .___. But I do love the results~! :heart:

GDC: Android Amber
TToTT Amber's avatar was so beautiful!! She donated some golds to me, and I'm giving her this in return~!! :heart: Thank you, Amber!!

GC: xXimmaeatjooXx of her character, Abbadon.
She was such a joy to draw~! I think I really nailed that hair wonderfully~! :heart:

GDC: I_Get_All_The_Wenches of his girlfriend, Candyfloss Dreams.
More art in exchange for donations.
Another very beautiful avatar!! :heart:
Ahh, the other hair from the Little/Lovely Lucie, I did very well with this one~! I really had a blast with all those little details.
(Also my absolute favorite one on this page.)

GC: LadyGothicMelody
Another very cute avatar. ^.^ :heart: Lots of love.

art (c) me
avatars/characters (c) their proper owners
Avatars/Gaia (c) GaiaOnline
Please do not use my art without my permission, thank you!!

... It's occurred to me that I haven't drawn anything for myself since my saving began... *sigh* That depresses me a little...
ChloeIsABunny Featured By Owner May 9, 2012  Student General Artist
aww very pretty =)
NobodysWanderingSoul Featured By Owner May 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww, thank you! ^^
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